investment criteria

Current Osceola funds represent the continuation of an investment approach that has been successfully employed by its principals over the last decade and in numerous structures. The partnership seeks investments that meet the following criteria.


EBITDA: $1 million – $10 million (demonstrated expertise in platforms with less than $5 million)

Revenue: $5 million – $75 million

Equity investment: up to $25 million, with ability to invest additional equity via co-investment from limited partners


Majority equity with potential for add-on acquisitions

Targeted Sectors

Business services, healthcare services, tech-enabled services and industrial services


A target business will be profitable with gross margins reflecting a defensible position and strong value proposition within its industry.

Low Concentration

Osceola seeks companies in stable but fragmented industries with low vendor and customer concentration. We also seek companies with potential for follow-on acquisitions.


High quality talent from top to bottom is the most critical factor in determining the success or failure of a lower middle market company. We seek proven management teams with high organizational talent from top to bottom.


Intermediaries are integral to Osceola’s success.  Mining the large Micro Private Equity universe requires strategic alliances with industry consultants, specialized investment bankers, lawyers, accountants and other seasoned executives to develop a steady flow of potential investment deals for Osceola to evaluate and consider. We welcome inquiries and ideas.