who we are

Osceola Capital Management is a private equity firm based in Tampa, Florida. Our driving purpose is building a firm that achieves value creation for business partners and investors while adhering unswervingly to our values, philosophy and process. In our view, the daily cultivation of business partner and investor relationships based upon trust and transparency is the best means to accomplish this purpose.


We believe in the importance of investing ethically, communicating honestly and always conducting ourselves with integrity and faithfulness. Having these values shape and direct our personal and professional actions will best enable us to be faithful stewards of the resources and responsibilities entrusted to us.


Osceola’s management team possesses extensive experience underwriting transactions, managing companies and improving operations. We understand the importance of investing in people and we value relationships more than ideas and markets. This philosophy helps guide us in developing executive management teams to build leading businesses and long-term success.


Our view is that knowledge and preparation are crucial to identifying the best opportunities as well as recognizing pitfalls. Therefore, we are constantly positioning ourselves to quickly act on opportunities that fit the strategies we have carefully honed through the ongoing cultivation of knowledge and relationships—a continuous cycle of preparation.