for business owners & management teams

Experienced Business Operators

The principals of Osceola have led over 100 corporate finance transactions ($1B+ in capital) and served as CEO, CFO or president of over 15 successful organizations in numerous business segments. This extensive experience gives the team a distinct advantage in all facets of the transaction, including sourcing, executing and ultimately exiting with an attractive return. Every acquisition opportunity is unique and dynamic. Some businesses merely require additional guidance to achieve their goals while others might require gradual changes over time and still others could need direct hands-on direction from the day of closing. The Osceola team has the capabilities and skill to create significant value in any of these scenarios.

Trust and Common Vision

When evaluating potential investments, Osceola places a significant emphasis upon identifying business owners that share trust and a common vision. Identifying with business owners allows for greater understanding and capacity to navigate the emotions of arranging and negotiating deals. As former business operators, Osceola’s principals understand the complexities and challenges of managing, growing and selling a small business. Simply put, we sit at the same table, but not across the table from our potential business partners. This differentiates Osceola from other lower middle market private equity firms.

Partnership Model Accelerates Growth

Once we have identified an attractive opportunity, Osceola is able to close deals and move forward efficiently since the roadmap has already been agreed upon with our new business partners. We bring the skills to identify intrinsic value as well as key constraints impacting the business. Every situation is unique, and we adapt accordingly. Sometimes a hands-on approach is needed while in other situations, delegating and sharing responsibility with management teams is most appropriate. We believe this partnership model helps accelerate growth.

Broader Solutions = Better Deals


Osceola’s versatility provides a tool kit for selling business owners and management teams that unlocks growth opportunities including succession plans, transition execution, optimal exit strategies or tailored solutions.


Osceola’s flexibility allows for a deal structure that best suits the seller’s needs and wishes for the future whether that is long-term involvement in the company, near-term retirement or something else.


Osceola’s Micro Private Equity strategy transforms what other buyers would view as a bolt-on acquisition into its own platform business with proprietary strategy and brand value.