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Denver, Colorado

Deal Team

Ben Moe
Patrick Watkins
Ron Heinkel
Kurt Schwab

Revelation Pharma

Revelation Pharma is a national provider of compounded pharmaceutical prescriptions that leads with a focus on innovation, patient outcomes, and integrity. The company develops relationships with doctors who have patients with difficult-to-treat conditions and provides individualized treatments that in many cases produce life-changing results. The company offers a wide variety of compounded medications including but not limited to Hormone Replacement Therapy (“HRT”), analgesics, veterinary, anti-infective, integrative health, and numerous other therapeutic classes.

Osceola has partnered with compounding industry veteran Jacob Beckel to form Revelation Pharma. Mr Beckel has owned, grown, acquired, and sold multiple compound pharmacies over a 30+ year career in compounding.

Revelation Pharma has executed 6 acquisitions and continues to pursue add-on opportunities.

Add-On Criteria

Revelation Pharma plans to deploy an aggressive acquisition strategy to expand its national footprint. The team is interested in partnering with 503A compounding pharmacy owners who have interest in selling a majority stake in their business, with opportunity for significant follow-on growth as part of a scalable, PE-backed platform.

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