Legacy Case Study: Academic Financial Solutions

Opportunity / Theme

Federal and private student loan lender

Fastest growing FFELP provider of student loan consolidations; founded in 2004 and by 2007 AFS was originating over $1 billion in student loans annually

Proprietary technology and marketing advancements allowed for systematic organic growth and market share penetration

The Transaction

In 2007, Frontenac Company led a recapitalization of AFS to acquire majority control

12x return for investors

Osceola Value-Add

Continued advancement of proprietary technology and marketing initiatives

Serving as CEO, Michael Babb created and implemented all strategic initiatives while developing a corporate culture that enabled dramatic but sustainable growth

Developed a platform that provided for efficient acquisition transitions into AFS’s culture and infrastructure

Exit Strategy / Current Status

To partner with all qualified Title IV institutions to become the lender of choice

Became the 7th largest lender in the country by 2008