Case Study: Talent Group

Opportunity / Theme

Rollup of IT Staffing companies in the human capital management space

Very large, fragmented business to business service industry which has consistently seen successful consolidations over a number of years

Create internal efficiencies through a centralized recruiting and marketing platform

The Transaction

Formed a new IT Staffing company called Talent Group, which has all acquisitions as its divisions

Have acquired two businesses in this space to date with a healthy pipeline under development

One company is based in Chicago, and one is based in New Jersey, giving Talent Group a strong Northeast/Midwest platform to build on

Osceola Value-Add

Identify highly skilled and experienced operators to integrate businesses and achieve revenue as well as cost synergies between multiple businesses

Develop relationships with key advisors, consultants and intermediaries in the space to refine strategy and identify high quality add-ons

Provide funding to fuel organic growth by investing in key systems in addition to hiring talented sales professionals to open offices in new markets

Placed new CEO and CFO with vast experience at Holdco level

Exit Strategy / Current Status

Grow into national footprint with acquisitions across the South and West in emerging 2nd-tier tech markets where strong IT Staffing business are growing

Intent to build a $10M+ EBITDA company through organic and acquisition growth

Expected timeline to exit is 3-5 years

Market is active with many buyers (both financial and strategic) and clear economies of scale