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Who We Are

Osceola Capital Management, LLC is a private equity firm providing a unique, simplified investment strategy for our investors.

Based in Tampa, Florida, Osceola focuses on partnering with the right businesses and potential co-investors in order to build lasting relationships and leading businesses.

Strict Philosophy

Osceola has an investment management team with over 120 years collective experience underwriting transactions, managing companies, and improving operations. The investment team’s vast operations background gives Osceola the ability to have a unique insight on each transaction. Thus, we understand the importance of investing in people. We value people and relationships more than ideas and markets. It is this philosophy that helps us develop ideal executive management teams to build long term success for each transaction and value for all stakeholders.

Mission & Values

First and foremost, we seek to honor God with all our heart, soul and mind. We do this by being stewards of the blessings He has bestowed upon us. Therefore, we believe in the importance of investing ethically, competitively, prudently and profitably. This forms the foundation of every investment. We believe that in order to bear true witness to our values and beliefs, we must model them in all our actions.